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Free-From + Vegan Baking 






You deserve a cookie

You deserve a cookie. One that tastes delicious, won't make you sick or compromise on your morals.

HEAVEN + HELLTHY dessert kits are all-in-one, no substitutions necessary dessert kits that are allergy free and vegan.

 You won't believe how easy and delicious free-from + vegan can be.

Free-From + Vegan Baking Kits

Make delicious chocolate chip cookies at home!

Our kits includes everything you need, pre-measured to make a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies.



 Allergy-free, vegan cookie heaven!


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"The beauty of these recipe boxes is that they come with everything perfectly measured, with fascinating ingredients, and a very good set of instructions that even a baking numpty like me can understand."

— Louise Bromby, Director - The YP Collective, London UK

Carefully sourced ingredients

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