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Athena Spring Roll


HEAVEN + HELLTHY was founded in 2013 by Athena Simpson. Athena has suffered with food allergies since childhood and on her path to wellness became a vegan. After struggling for years to find allergy friendly desserts that don’t compensate on taste or quality, she founded Heaven & Hellthy to create a solution.

Athena’s career started in marketing and the production side of music and entertainment.  She toured the US working on music festivals before landing in Los Angeles to further pursue her career in those fields. In 2010 she moved to London where she produced marketing campaigns and events all over the world.

Now, with HEAVEN + HELLTHY, she is committed to breaking the stigma that allergy-free and vegan desserts are lacking in taste.

"Good Food That Tastes Naughty"


HEAVEN + HELLTHY provides easy to make at home dessert kits and on-the-go snack pots for individuals with food intolerances or animal-free food preferences.

Each of our products are free from the 14 major allergens (such as gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts & soya), are made from organic ingredients, GM-free and also registered with the Vegan Society. Therefore, people with multiple food sensitivities or preferences can indulge in our products without inducing allergic reactions or guilt.

HEAVEN + HELLTHY has a retail baking kit line as well as the 'Snack Pot' line for food service.


An estimated 21 million adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy with an estimated 10 million adults suffering from more than one allergy. According to a recent Mintel Survey, nearly 1% of the population identify as Vegan, 2% Vegetarian and an increasing amount of the population are ‘flexitarians’ and reduce their animal product use.  

Our mission at Heaven & Hellthy is to give delicious peace of mind and satisfaction to those who are often overlooked and stigmatized.